Karol Tomoki Yamazaki

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  • (So) Who Are You

    An ongoing photography project. I take portraits of mixed heritage Poles and each one answers the same set of questions about their feeling of being or not being Polish.

    Although some answers are specific to Polish culture, most are universal enough to be understood anywhere in the world.

    Mixed heritage Poles is a subject that, at least as far as I'm aware, wasn't taken up in Poland too much recently, if at all.

    I hope that shedding some light on those will help us see the rarely seen, less obvious side of the issues of national identity and – more generally – feeling of belonging to a larger group. Reality is often far more nuanced than we'd like to think, and mixed heritage people are, by their very existence, a beautiful exemplification of just that.

    See the site here: ktotyjest.es/en

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